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Special needs need special deeds

A recent survey by the Lien Foundation showed that 46 per cent of parents had trouble enrolling their children with special needs in pre-schools. NURUL ASYIKIN YUSOFF ( speaks to parents of special needs children in mainstream schools on the challenges they face

Special needs need special deeds
SPECIAL ATTENTION: Madam Suharni Ahmad delayed enrolling her son, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rani, in Primary 1 by one year so that he could catch up. TNP PHOTOS: PHYLLICIA WANG
Madam Suharni Ahmad said her son, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rani, attends up to 12 hours of extra lessons and therapy sessions a week to help his development. TNP PHOTO: PHYLLICIA WANG
SWITCH: Madam Sally Quek enrolled daughter Jarene Hong into a mainstream school but later changed schools. PHOTO COURTESY OF SALLY QUEK


At 15 months old, he could do everything a child his age could - except talk.